Latest Ice and Temperature data

Latest Sea Ice and Global Temperature contents:

This automatically updated page has an embedded html window in which the numbers will appear. I'm planning to run the script at least once a day, at about 5.15 pm Japan time, when the JAXA ice numbers appear. It will check for the latest Had/UAH etc numbers. New numbers will appear bolded or colored. And the graphs will be updated.

This version has the additional ice datasets and facilities described here.

Temperatures anomalies in the tables are as stated by the providers, with different anomaly bases. They have been converted to the same base (1981-2010) for plotting.

There is a new style of ice plot - an active plot where you can magnify sections.

The temperature and ice windows each have a current table at the top, with more data further down. There is also a log of datafile reporting dates, as explained here.


Here is the latest global anomaly temperature data:

Here is the latest report from TempLS mesh weighted version:

Here is the latest NCEP/NCAR reanalysis (see post) surface temperature (°C) anomaly (base 1994-2013) area-weighted average for recent months, and for days of the current month.

Here is the latest Arctic sea ice extent data. You can choose from JAXA Arctic Ice Extent, or from NSIDC NH or SH:


Here is an active polar plot of the Jaxa Ice extent data. Units are million sq km. You can click on the current region circle to get a magnification, or on any sector to see that part expanded. Clicking on the legend marks the year in dark; clicking on the central picture makes it go away. Details here.

Here are some plots of temperature indices in recent times, set to a common anomaly base (1981-2010)
Major temperature indices - last 5 months
Major temperature indices - last 4 years

Here is an interactive user-scalable graph. You can drag it with the mouse horizontally or vertically. If you drag up-down to the left of the vertical axis, you will change the vertical scaling (zoom). Likewise below the horizontal axis.

And here is a log of the most recent data files to be posted: